Saturday, March 29, 2008

Update On Mom....

Mom has started new chemo treatments through MD Anderson. Her last chemo treatments went very well and she was never sick. The day after she received this treatment she was very ill and has been all week. I talked with her today and she said she is feeling much better. They were suppose to do 6 weeks of chemo and then re-evaluate to see how this medication is working, but instead they decided to see her back this Tuesday to do some more testing to go ahead with the stem cell transplant (A stem cell transplant is the infusion of healthy stem cells into your body. If all goes well, these healthy stem cells take hold in your body and begin normal production of blood cells.Although the procedure is generally called a stem cell transplant, it's also known as a bone marrow transplant or an umbilical cord blood transplant, depending on the source of the stem cells.). As of right now the diagnosis is still not good. All the treatments they do hopefully will help prolong her life, but it will not cure the cancer.

Mom has cancer called Invasive Ductal Carcinoma IDC accounts for about 70 percent of all breast cancers. The cancer cells form in the lining of your milk duct, then break through the ductal wall and invade nearby breast tissue. The cancer cells may remain localized — staying near the site of origin — or spread (metastasize) throughout your body, carried by your bloodstream or lymphatic system. Her cancer has metastasized into several different parts of her body, including shoulder, sternum, and liver. The spot on her liver is to large to remove right now so they are trying to stop the growth on that one and shrink it so that they can remove it. Needless to say the outlook is still not good and she needs every ones prayers!

I want to say thank you to everyone for all your prayers and phone calls it means alot to know that our family has people like y'all who care about them that much!

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