Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our Trip to Mimi & Grandaddy's....

We left the house Saturday about noon to make our way to Linden which is where all of Jim's family is from. Jim has the radio blaring, the boys have the TV's blaring and Colby also has his Nintendo DS blaring.

As we drove on Jim got sleepy and I took over..scary! We arrived safely in Linden and while we waited for everyone to get home Jim slept some more and the boys and I went outside and did some chalk drawings and soaked our feet in the pool. Well they soaked there feet it was way to cold for me! After everyone got home we rode some 4-wheelers and went out to eat dinner. When we got home the boys wanted to hunt some easter eggs I had bought them that glowed in the dark, so we did. (These eggs were not the greatest at glowing, the boys definately needed larger flashlights than what came with the eggs.)

Now we are back inside and finally getting settled down and when we wake up another long, fun, tiring day ahead of us!

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