Saturday, August 30, 2008

Playing Catch Up Once Again....

I know I know I am so far behind on my blogging. These past two weeks have just been so busy. With work, back to school, baseball practice, kids programs starting back up on Wednesday nights at church, being sick, and did I mention work! There has just been no time for blogging. So as I sit at home this Saturday evening still not feeling to swell, while Jim, the boys, and 2 friends of the boys are out at the lake I have decided to get you caught up on the Green household.

A few weekends ago we headed to the lake for a bit to let the boys go tubing. After we got the boat into the water PayBo noticed some lighting on one end of the lake. So of course we still headed out but in the opposite direction of the storm that was brewing.

Jim wanted to show us a restaurant on the other side of the lake and it was in the opposite direction of the storm so we headed out. So we we continued it got darker and darker and cooler and cooler. The water starts to get a little rough, but still we continue on thinking the storm would go the other direction. Well the water got rougher, the sky got darker, and a few drops of rain came down. So at that point we decide to turn around, we will have to check out that restaurant another day. So we turned around and headed back toward dry land. OK now here I am scared out of my mind continuously praying to myself "God please calm the waters, God please let us make it back safely, God please calm the waters!!!" And the boys are sitting in the back with huge smiles on there face loving every wave we hit and every splash of water that came into the boat. And Jim sitting in the drivers seat saying "I see god's hands all over this, it's a beautiful picture." I have to agree with him it was beautiful, but I was still scared out of my mind and I was so glad to make it to dry land safely!

Also this past Monday school began for the boys. Colby started 1st grade and PayBo started 4th grade. They both love their teachers. That's a major plus for Colby, he actually says he is liking school this year. Now I know it's only been a week but that's an improvement for Colby. Now PayBo is just to old for his mommy to walk him into class, so I dropped him off at the front door. Colby on the other hand still wanted me to, so I grabbed a pic of him at his new 1st grade desk.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday JimBo!

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I love you and just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Everyone please stop by Jim's site and wish him a Happy Birthday & just so you know he is 33 today.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Mini Vacation....

Friday we headed to Dallas to spend the day at Hurricane Harbor

I rode some rides and the kids rode as many and Jim and his dad did. They had a blast. We rode this new ride they have there called the tornado. I though this doesn't look like a big deal so I guess I'll ride it. It was alot scarier than I though. Well I don't guess scary just a little more thrill than I was expecting. Its a four person tube that drops you down a steep hill and I mean steep well at least steep for me I grabbed my nose like I was fixing to go under water. Now know that you get splashed a little bit but you never go under water. After it drops you down the hill you go into a funnel and you go high onto the walls of the funnel, back and forth. After the first initial up the wall and losing your stomach it was not to bad after that. I enjoyed riding it but will I ride it again? Still thinking on that one!

This is not the one in Arlington but it looks exactly like this! Trust me its alot bigger than it looks in these pictures and its alot higher!

After that daring ride we let the kids play in kiddie land for a little bit.

After kiddie land we were off to the hotel to get all settled in, and change to go eat. Don't they look exhausted.

We went to Jim's favorite place to eat in Arlington and that is the Steak N' Shake. If you haven't tried it you really should. It really is a great place to eat and the cost is just like any normal fast food place. But this is 10 times better than fast food!

Once we left there we went back to the hotel for some swimming, yes I said swimming. Like they didn't get enough of the water all day long at Hurricane Harbor. We let them swim for about an hour then we headed back up to the room for some sleep...ZzzZzzzZzz! By the way I didn't sleep well at all. The beds were very nice, but the pillow was way to thick and firm for me. I like a thin pillow that my head will sink into, other wise I always wake up with a stiff neck. Also the dang hotel let some people stay out on the terrace playing their guitars and singing until well after midnight. By the way the terrace was right outside our room. That was probably the only complaint I had about the hotel. The next morning we woke up and headed out. Jim wanted to go to Dick's Sporting Goods, which is also attached to a mall there in Arlington and there was a carousel in it so Alex and Colby wanted to ride. PayBo thought he was to old for that stuff but they talked him into riding.

All in all we had a great time! And the kids said it was the best day of their lives and isn't that what we want to hear as parents.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

God's Light Always Shines Through....

This past week was long and at times stressful. Every night this past week after work the family headed to the ballpark to work due to a state tournament Athens was hosting. We did not get into bed any this past week before 1am.

At the end of last week I had employee problems. When I realized I had a problem with this employee I went to my car and grabbed my bible because I was stuck on the decision I needed to make. When I opened my bible I came to 2 Kings 2:20-22 "20 Bring me a NEW bowl," he said, "and put salt in it." So they brought it to him.
21 Then he went out to the spring and threw the salt into it, saying, "This is what the LORD says: 'I have healed this water. Never again will it cause death or make the land unproductive.' " 22 And the water has remained wholesome to this day, according to the word Elisha had spoken." This scripture spoke to me, and I listened unfortunately it was not the decision I wanted to make but...yep you guessed it...I had to fire someone. If you know me, you know that I hate I mean hate doing that. I get so sick to my stomach and butterflies like crazy.

Then as I was traveling back from Linden after a birthday party I received a little gift myself....A lovely speeding ticket. I can not even remember the last time I got a ticket of any kind. The cop who pulled me over was sooooo RUDE. I had to literally bite my tongue. He also wrote me up for expired insurance card which I then showed him the correct one and he said to me well I have already wrote up the ticket, I am not going to change it so just send it to the judge. My dad being a police officer said well could he not use a pen and scratch it off?

Then on Sunday as I was doing some laundry I noticed the wind had picked up. There were things blowing everywhere. So I walked outside and looked up and I thought to myself man there is fixing to be some kind of storm. Then my picture taking self took over and I went to get my camera because I saw a great photo op. And a photo I did get!

When you see a scene like this you can't help but know that God is here with us. When you think the dark side is creeping up and the devil is getting his way in your life, God always has his light shining through. Sometimes we just forget to look for it! What a perfect picture that shows God's presence!

Random Pictures from July....

Colby's District Tournament...They won second place

Fun at Mimi's

My neice Allie's Birthday Party

Friday, August 1, 2008

Our Alphabet Wedding Shower....

Today we hosted a small bridal shower for one of my sales ladies in the office. We had a theme called an Alphabet Shower. We assigned each person a letter on their invitation and the gift they bought had to fit with the letter they received. So my letters were A & X. We bought one nice gift and then one funny gift. For my A I bought a wedding album filled with pictures of me (Andi). For my X i bought a small box and labeled it X-Rated. Well I think you can guess where I am going with this. I think by the time we were about half done it had turned into a Naughty but Nice party.We were being very secretive about everything. So Brandee kept thinking we were planning a dancer (everyone knows the kind I am talking about). Come on like I would do something like that. Welllllll since she kept on about it I decided to get a little show together for her.

He calls his self CoCo the PG 13 dancer.....AKA Jayson

We laughed so hard we almost wet our pants. If anyone ever needs a good laugh he's your man! We had a blast and now she is off to Florida for her wedding on the beach. Congrats Brandee!