Monday, December 22, 2008

Kiddos photo shoot....

Well since most of you have your Christmas card already I decided to share some of the photos from our day at the arboretum where I took many pictures to get one for our card.

Out of all the pictures I took this is the one I chose for our card!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Boomama's Tour of Homes....

What fun this is my first year to join year I'll get more pictures!


Dining Room Table

Living Room Tree



Thanks for stopping by. May you have a blessed holiday season!

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Monday, December 8, 2008

What A Busy Time Of Year....

This past week was crazy but yet so much fun. First we had my work Christmas Party. What a time. I think everyone had an absolute blast..even Jim.

Our tree we used was out of my office. I decorated it with pictures of all the employees in our office. It turned out pretty cute I thought.

These were plastic martini glasses that we filled with peppermints and a tealight they turned out really cute!

On Friday we had our Life Group Christmas party at the Woolverton's. It was a great party with a great turnout. Thanks to everyone that helped get that together!

Look at our music minister Eric...Don't ask....haha! You know I took my camera to this party and some how this is the only picture I took all night. Well I guess because it gave us all a great laugh! We love y'all Kim and Eric!

This past Saturday my work decided to get together a float for the Christmas parade. We work alot of the day on Friday getting supplies together. Then on Saturday morning we were at the paper at 8am to start our masterpiece.

This was the start of the morning...well that is after donuts and coffee!

So what did ya think...pretty good float to be put together all in one day!

Rhonda even brought her Great Dane Daisy...Daisy was so good she walked with us beside the float the whole time. We could of just used her as our float she got lots of attention!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Update On My Mom....

Well Mom recovered fairly quickly from her stem cell transplant. But 4 weeks later she is back in the hospital with partial paralysis. They were going to run a battery of test on her today to try and figure out why this is happening. Of course they say they have never seen this reaction before. So please continue to keep her in your prayers. Hopefully they will get it figured out and she will get well soon! Also please keep Jim's mom in you prayers she needs them right now!

My mom at her apartment at MD Anderson

My Babies Are Growing Up....

So PayBo is getting way to big. He is so turning into a daddy's boy and it makes me soooo sad. He went on his first deer hunting trips this year and he did get him one and he was so excited I think he called the whole town of Athens and Linden. I still have to hear about it every morning on the way to school and its been a week since he killed it. He even wrote a story in school titled my favorite memory...and guess what it was about...of course his hunting trip.

He also got up on the roof with his dad last night to put up the Christmas lights...when he came in he was to funny...he said mom it was freezing out there and I risked my life for you. Kids they say the funniest things.

Colby is losing his teeth like crazy he lost his front two about 2 weeks ago and he pulled another on this week and he has 2 more that are loose. He is going to break the tooth fairy...haha!

This picture was taken the night he lost his first upper tooth the next day the other one was gone as well. Now one on the bottom is gone and more to follow.