Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Who Thinks They Have The Best Boss?

In my line of work I have come across some good managers and some not so good ones so I am gonna sum them up for you:

1.) Micro Manager: I know you know what I am talking about. Those managers who have employees just to say they have some. Every time you make a move they are breathing down your neck making sure it's done their way. They dismiss others' knowledge, experience, and ideas--no matter how good--then hover over them to make sure they're doing things "right." So why is it again that they need employees if they are going to do it anyway? No matter how organized, proactive, conscientious or effective you are as a worker, there's a chance you'll run into a supervisor who hovers like a bird of prey, waiting for you to fail before swooping in to wipe out what's left of your self-esteem. Who wants to work for someone like this? Definitely not me!

2.) The Bumbling Boss: This junk head is trying to hide their inadequacies behind big talk and other diversions. Although they are rather harmless, they are neither a good leader nor an inspiring one. Just because they have reached a higher position above you, he might also get a sense of false prestige. Occasionally showing their mistakes in disguise of guarding, and guiding them is your best bet. Who wants to work for someone like this? Not me!

3.) The Shouting Boss: OMG! I know one of these and thank goodness their not my boss. The psychology of shouting bosses is that they can get the things done only by shouting. They don’t mind shouting at anyone, anywhere. Although shouting is a sign of impatience, it is also because they want to be recognized on the spot. Satisfying their ego by listening to them calms them down. Must you yell at someone? Do you really think that will earn you any respect from your employees. Who wants to work for someone like this? Not me!

4.) Andi Style: And then there's me I like to treat everyone with fairness regardless of office politics. Communication is key. I like to keep an open door policy, support a constant flow of communication, and encourage others to do the same. Following these ideals builds good relationships with those with more power as well as those with less power. Bottom line, I try to follow the golden rule of leadership -- I should lead the way I would want to be led. I like to make sure every one's happy. All employee's should know that they are appreciated, because if they don't your staff will not work hard for you. I love working in a team environment. I want everyone to share their thoughts and ideas. I know ultimately it's my decision on what goes on, and that being the boss means I take responsibility for all of my employees, back them up at all times and take care of problems when I have them. I just don't do it in a manner that's in your face! So the big question. Who wants to work for someone like this? I hope all of my employees!


Flo said...

And which one does your boss fall under, I dare ask?..... : )

Spice said...

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