Saturday, February 16, 2008

D*NOW At The Green Household....

All I can say is wow...I thought 3 boys in my house was enough but try having 12! FBC Malakoff is putting on Disciple Now for the youth in our area. There are several host families and my prayers go out to each and everyone of ya'll and we hope ya'll are having as much fun as we are. Boog has done a tremendous job putting this all together and huge kuddos to him. The boys arrived about 8:30 last night and guess what was the first thing they did???? You guessed it straight to the food! After they were all settled in they convened to the table to do a learning session.I have no idea how late they were up but I know it was at least 1am, but that's ok I sleep good and didn't even know it.

This morning Jim got up and went and got donuts and pigs-in-a-blanket. It all went quickly! After they had breakfast while some were showering Jim decided to show them how to leg wrestle....enjoy these pics

So guess what the Green boys are doing now?

Stay tuned more to come...

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