Sunday, February 24, 2008

7 Random Things About Me....

Thanks Keri...well no one has to be worried about getting tagged from me because everyone I know has already been tagged..haha

My sister took this pic of me blogging in the hospital...she was trying out my camera

Let me think...

1.) I hate needles! Every time I see a needle I get very weak in the knees. When I was pregnant I passed out a many of times when I had to get my blood serious I really did! Someting about needles and hospitals don't sit well with me.

2.) I absolutely love Red Lobster. It is my favorite place to eat. Snow Crab legs dipped in that butter sauce they bring you, with those biscuits...OMG! they are to die for. If Jim liked it we would eat there at least once a week. And can you believe I have a gift card from Christmas to Red Lobster that I still have'nt used. Shame on me!

3.) I love reality shows...I'm pretty sure i've blogged on that before, but I just can't help it im addicted to them! I would say my favorite it is....well I love them all it's to hard to pick one favorite.

4.) I can not stand to go into any restroom and see an empty toliet paper roll. I mean come on how hard is it to take the empty one off and put a new one on. It takes like two seconds. Oh and what gets me even more angry is if there is an empty toliet paper roll and a fresh roll of toliet paper sitting on the counter. Now that's lazy! Just put the darn thing on!

5.) I love to go bowling..I know that sounds a little corny but I do. I of course am not very good but for some reason I just love it. We had a few girls night out at my work and all of us went bowling and it was a blast. Payden had his birthday party at the bowling alley last year and he loved it as well. Pretty much the whole family loves it.

6.) I came from a divorced family. My mom has been married three times and they say third times a charm and they were right for her. Finally it's nice to see my mom truly happy! My dad has also been married three times, but as most of you know I don't really ever see him.

7.) Jim and I went to school together since 5th grade, and never really knew each other until my freshman year in high school. Can you believe he said he knew me but I was ugly back then...haha! We actually met each other at a local rodeo and till this day he will tell you I came up to him XXXXXXX not true. And don't let him tell you it is. We started dating each other that night and here we are almost 16 years later still together. We dated for four years and been married almost 12. Can you believe high school sweethearts and still going strong!

I tag no one because Flo and Keri already ya'll!

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Flo said...

hey girl...I've misplaced your new cell #! Jim's been keeping us updated. Nathan said a special prayer for you & your family from the pulpit this morning...maybe you felt an extra something this morning! love you!