Monday, February 25, 2008

Being Honest Is Not Always Easy....

Ok so you won't believe what I did and I can't believe I am confessing this but I am. So a few blogs ago I made a false statement. On the blog titled 7 random things about me I had a mess up, and Jim being addicted to reading the blogs caught me. Of course I have fixed it now but I still thought I would share. On my blog I put Jim and I had been married almost 11 years, can you believe it is really almost 12 years. He told me usually it's the man that forgets these things. He made me feel so bad that I though I must confess to the world. This is my way of making that up to him! He said he was gonna get on here and blog about it himself so before he had a chance to talk bad about me I thought I better beat him to it...haha!
Me & Jim

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Keri said...

I think it comes with age. My age. I had trouble remembering how old Trevor is the other day. I usually add 7 years to mine to come up with his, but if I can't remember my own age, what good does it do?!