Sunday, February 3, 2008

Boog's 30th birthday....

Well it all started with a little white lie that it was mine and Jim's anniversary party. As the weeks went on Boog started to catch on. Then my lovely husband went and ate lunch with him at the very place where the party was to take place. Jim had said that he had never been there before and he didn't really like BBQ, then Boog said well aren't you having a party here this weekend and Jim tried to play it off as if it was where I wanted to have it but to late. With Boog and all his curiosity he knew what was going on. Even though he knew what was going on he was still surprised at all the people that were there. Here's a few pics of the 30th birthday party.

Boog Opening His Gag GiftBoog, Flo & Grace......... Our Great Friends

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Flo said...

Thanks for coming! Let me know how your dr. appt goes...hope you feel better soon!