Monday, April 14, 2008

Baseball Or Chaos....

The Drillers

This past weekend we went to Linden to watch my niece Jaici and nephew Cade play in a T-Ball tournament. It was great to watch them play. I am still not sure if I enjoyed myself? Let me explain: Linden Baseball - I am use to certain rules and their rules are totally different. I mean it's not real baseball and that frustrates me. Every kid on their team gets out on the field (13) now just imagine 13 4 & 5 year olds on a baseball field together in no particular spot. You could imagine the laughter I had when every kid on the team ran for the ball and all tumbled on each other because everyone wanted it. The pitcher had to wear a helmet with a face mask on it. What's up with that? OK now Athens baseball is the real deal! You have 9 players and they play in their positions not just where ever they want to be. No our pitcher does not wear a helmet thats just crazy. I mean some of the kids hit it hard, but your more likely to get hit with that thing on cause its hard to see through it. Ok is this crazy or do I just expect my kids to be tuff?

Who's to say which one is better or worse. I mean do we here at this age take it to serious and should we chill out, or are they just to relaxed? Now I am not saying anything bad about their t-ball assoc. I just think more things need to be based on the real sport so that when the day comes, they will be able to play it correctly. Now before my sister kills me because she is on that baseball board in Linden, I better say some nice things. Such as my niece and nephew did great. They hit the ball great, and it was nice to be able to have a chance to see them play. Jaici was so glad to see her Aunt Andi there. Everywhere I went so did she unless she was playing. She might as well be mine! Doesn't she look like me?

Ok so I know what your thinking. Andi is not as cute as her. Well at least I can wish can't I?

Here is a picture of Cade. He was the catcher. Here is a picture of him concentrating on that ball!

Aren't they tooooo precious with their 2nd place trophies!

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Keri said...

Those are odd rules. I guess they don't want anyone left out. Sounds more like chaos. Yes, they are cute kids! Must run in the family.