Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What We Will Do For Our Kids....

Wii Mania at the Green household! I am pretty sure everyone knows what I'm talking about. We finally gave in and bought it for Payden for his birthday.

I say to everyone...GET ONE! They are sooooo much fun. We have played every night since we have had it. And I tell you what you will get the best workout. After the first night of playing I was so sore the next day. I think it is so much better than any gaming system made for kids. It gets them off there hineys and gets them moving! We even got my mother-in-law to play it and she had a blast! Here are a few pictures.

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Flo said...

Wiiing it until the weee hours, huh? Well, save the membership at Cain - you've got your workout! : ) I know he loves his b-day gift...!