Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My addiction to T.V....

I have a confession....I really do not watch a whole lot of T.V. but when I do watch it, it is always reality & game shows. I admit it I'm hooked on them. I really try not to watch to much of them, but lately it has gotten bad and let me tell you why. TIVO shame on them for coming up with such a thing. Recently we got a tivo and I am pretty sure since we've had it I have recorded something every day. Here are some of my favs:
This show really does do good things for people....but some of those people leave with nothing because they become to selfish....if I was there I'd leave quickly cause I'd be to chicken to say no deal to many times...haha
Anything that has to do with dancing and singing I love!Now if you don't love this show something is wrong with you!! They do such great things for everyday families that need help. This is defiantly a blessing from God for these people.I just love seeing people trying to get healthy. The men and women who do this are inspirations for some many people. And I would encourage everyone to get fit and healthy. I am trying to do that right now for myself!OK so my husband and I are hooked on this one. We are both such competitors that this fits us well. Of course I could live without Jim saying he could beat all of them...haha!
Now this show hasn't been on T.V. in awhile, but it was one of my favs. They really need to come out with another MOLE series. Mysteries fascinate me so much, I think I would be a good contestant for this one.Lastly this one is addicting...I think it's my business side that attracts me to this show. I could strangle some of the contestants that have been on this! Omarosa has got to go...haha.

Well there's a little in site to me and my T.V. obsessions, HELP ME!

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