Sunday, January 20, 2008

Reaching the BIG 30....

Everyone always talks about how yucky the BIG 30 is, and I always say it's no big deal don't worry about it. Well guess what it's my year for the BIG 30 and it is taking its tole on me for sure. I am defiantly falling apart before my very eyes.....for instance I have had a hysterectomy yes I said it and I am only 29 years old, another thing that has happened is I found out I had acid reflux disease, come on I'm to young for that. Oh and we can't forget the two teeth I just had surgically removed due to some bad root canals I had earlier in life. Oh an by the way come to find out the dentist who supposedly did the root canal never really did...yes I said he NEVER did them, but as far as I knew he did! When the oral surgeon did the x-rays he was asking some questions and I told him those two teeth had root canals and he said, "what did you say" ummm I'm sorry to say this but I can guarantee 99% that he (being the Athens dentist) never did them. Can you believe that? I paid thousands of dollars for a procedure that I never had done! How as a professional dentist could you do something like that to someone? I suppose not all professionals have ethics and morals!

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Flo said...

You never told me you had acid reflux disease! Girlfriend! You're fired. : )

You are not falling apart. 30 is the new 20!
Love ya - BTW meet at my house this Fri. at 5:30 for ladies nite!