Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ladies Night Out....

Ladies from T-H-A-T (Through Him All Things) Sunday school class got together for some ME time!

To start of the night we headed to Tyler and went to the Potpourri House to have some dinner. This man was playing the piano when we got there

Of course because of my teeth I am still not able to eat alot so I ordered a Grill Cheese off the kids menu...Yes this is off the kids menu look how huge! The sandwich was ok, but not exactly what I was expecting.Flo & Julie

After we were done eating we browsed through the shops there in the restaraunt.

Chrissy doing some shopping

Marci & Julie looking around the store

After we left there we went and caught a movie. Before the show started we purchased some snacks & drinks that were of great value and taste...haha (I won't go into details). As we waited for the show to start we had several laughs at the ladies showing what each other carried in their purses.
It was a pretty good show, loved the part where she tried on all the dresses...too funny! Some of the parts I could of done with out but all in all a good show.

There were eight of us ladies there last night and we had a great time, hopefully next time we will be able to get even more ladies to go. It was great seeing everyones personality. Everyone of us have different qualities that shine and it was a blast to get together like that. Can't wait till next time!

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