Sunday, July 27, 2008

Calling Out My Lovely Husband....

Soooo pretty much on a daily basis my hubby tells me I am not blog worthy. That if I am gonna have a blog I need to update it a whole lot more than I currently do. I think he is so addicted to reading blogs that he might as well do his own. So here's a friendly little challenge to my lovely husband.

"If my blogging is not satisfactory to you then lets just see how well you can do it. I have set up a blog for you and now it's your time to begin the challenge, so without further ado here it is get goin' on it!" Love you and can't wait to read your first blog!

Now everyone please go to his site and make sure he is blogging sufficiently! And if he is not meeting the blogger requirements let him know!


Flo said...

Oh we go! : )

Good luck, Jimbo!

The Lorick Family said...

Can't wait!