Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Like Sons, Like Father....

I know I have the saying a little backwards, but you'll understand when you are finished reading this blog.

Monday nigth I was asked ever so nicely to cut my kiddos hair. There is just something about cutting little boys hair. It seems to fly every where and before I know it I'm covered in hair. But since I am certified (not prefessional though so don't get any ideas) I guess it's easier and cheaper to just do it myself.

So I started off with Colby and he got up on the stool and said "Bushhog me momma" so at his request I did so. But first he wanted to look like his grandaddy so we did. Take a look

After I was finishewd with Colby it was PayBo's turn to get in the hot seat. So I asked him what do you want, he replied "short on the sides and a little on top. Then his daddy had to make a remark, "come on PayBo you get a bur and so will I". PayBo thought about it, and said to his daddy no he didn't want to. Well I started cutting PayBo's hair and talking to him saying come on PayBo don't you wanna see your daddy with no hair. So he gave in and said ok you can bushhog me to. So I guess you know where I am going with this.


Aren't they to cute! Now Jim and Colby really look alike don't they?

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The Lorick Family said...

You are so brave. Nathan always asks me to cut his hair...but he is very funny about it and I am sure we might end up in counseling if I tried! They look too cute...perfect for summer!