Monday, July 21, 2008

My Weekend Project....

This weekend I got a wild hair to re-do the bathroom floors. Don't ask me where I come up with these crazy ideas. I was so tired of looking at all the scratches, dents, skuffs on the floors that were given to us when we bought this house. So after living here 3 years I finally decided to give the bathrooms a small face life, and boy did it make a different. Now of course they are not perfect, seeing that I have never done anything like this before. But I think I did a pretty darn good job! Take a look for yourself!

Notice the spots on the floor. I spilled hair color. Shhhhh don't tell anyone I actually color my hair.

Our Bathroom Before
Our Bathroom After

I did'nt get a picture of the boy's bathroom before I started, but here it is finished!


Flo said...

You did that? Can I hire you please? Great are crazy! : )

Keri said...

I have linoleum from 1974 in 2 of my bathrooms. I'll let you tile them for me. Looks good!

Julie Estes said...

I can't believe you did both bathrooms in a weekend! Way to go! I did that to our Master Bath in our old house, but let's just say I should stick to cakes!