Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Eventful Trip To Linden....

This past weekend we took a trip to Linden to be with Jim's dad for father's day. We still had four puppies left so we had to take them with us. So I am gonna paint you a very funny picture, feel free to laugh along with me!

We start off Saturday morning bathing and drying all four puppies so that they would not stink up the truck. After we were through bathing them we took them all back out to the kennels until time to leave. About 30 mins later we got the truck all packed up, and loaded up the puppies into the cab of the truck. Yes I said CAB of the truck! Imagine four 9 mth old big puppies in the front of the truck. That would make a good story just in itself! OK so we are driving and driving and driving and Jim stops in Tyler at a gas station to let them out to run for a few minutes. While he looked after the puppies Colby and I went into the store to grab a drink. When we came out Jim said, "the puppies rolled in the sewer". I was like your kidding, but sure enough they smelt just like Poo! OK so now we both look at each other trying to figure out what we were going to do to get these puppies all the way to Linden smelling like that and having

sewer all over them. So Jim says to me, why don't you run back up to walmart and grab a dog box, while I stay here with the puppies. I replied thats quite a ways to go back to walmart. So across the street was a Dollar General so I told Jim let me run across the street and see if they have any dog boxes. Jim was a little skeptical about there being any there but I had made up my mind I was gonna go look before I had to go all the way to walmart. So Colby and I drive over to the store and go in, and the whole time saying to my self (please have one please have one). Guess what? They did!! So I bought two boxes because they

were not big enough for all four to fit in one. We drive back over to the store and Jim was quite surprised that I came back with them. So we get the dogs in the boxes and of course had to go back in the store to wash up. So Jim loads the dog boxes back into the cab of the truck. Yes I said it again the CAB of the truck! SO Jim opened up 2 air fresheners and placed them under the seat to help with the lovely smell we had to endure the rest of the way to Linden. Finally we arrived in Linden and happily got out of the truck to grab a huge breath of fresh air. By the way we are now down to 2 puppies. Any takers?

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Flo said...

I've got a dog you can have if you're missing having 4 puppies. Boo....any takers????