Friday, May 30, 2008

Colby Is Offically In First Grade....

My little man is growing up right before our very eyes. It seems like yesterday we moved to Athens when he was just 3 months old. And now here he is 6 years old and a kindergarten graduate. He sang two songs and then he got to walk across the stage in his little maroon cap, with the tassel dangling in his face. The diplomas they got are 10 times better than my high school diploma. (How sad). Way to go Colby!

Colby and Mrs. Campbell (Principle)
Colby giving me a great smile

Colby and his teacher Mrs. Dishman

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Flo said...

Colby's SO big now...I was looking back at some pics I had when we went to the park w/Grace and the boys and Grace was just a baby...the boys looked all "baby" made me sad. It also made me think about how long we've been friends! : ) We miss ya'll and will see you when we get back!