Friday, June 20, 2008

My Love For Photography....

I have seen so many people put posts out to show your favorite rooms, show your mess, show this and show that. So I have decided to start my own. It's a little scary though because you see all these people who have done these that have 100's of people replying and I will be the person that has one...haha! So here's the shout out: Share your favorite picture or pictures that you have taken. It does not matter if I know you or not please feel free to join in. It could be of your children, weather or nature it doesn't matter. I just love looking at photos and I know there are many others out
there that do as well. Have fun!

Here is just a few of mine and I will add some more later this evening.


The Lorick Family said...

Well...I got two of mine to show post! I love the flower picture and the one at the wedding...too cute.

Keri said...

The close up of the bubble with Colby in the background is cool. Not something you see often. I like the photos you post, you should do more. Obviously a natural talent!