Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Crazy Week/Weekend....

Of course it was a busy week because of the usual work and kiddos but this week on Wednesday Colby had a bad headache so when he came home from school he went strait to bed and did not wake up until 3am when he started with stuff coming out both ends and I bet y'all can figure out what I mean by that. So Thursday morning I took him to the Dr. and they said he had the Viral Flu and there was nothing they could do it just had to run it's course. Then he said and don't be surprised if it goes through the household. Well Saturday morning I was glad no one else had it so I thought we were in the clear....we went out to eat tonight and by the time we were done eating Paybo had a bad headache and said his stomach was hurting. So as we are leaving the restaurant as soon as we made it outside PayBo of course started throwing up. So who's next? I bet it will be me with my luck and I am planning on leaving in the morning to head to Houston to spend a few days with my mom.

If that was not enough Friday morning when I left for work I thought I heard some water leaking but I could not find it. So when Jim got home from work Friday afternoon he heard it. So of course I am a bad wife and I did not let him know and it was to late for a plumber so we spent Friday night with no water because he had to turn it off because it was making our water meter run like crazy! So first thing this morning a plumber came over at 8am and started to work.

9am - Still looking for a leak
10am - Still looking for a leak
11am - Rip up carpet in living room and hallway still looking for a leak
12-12:30 - Lunch
12:30 - Bring in air compressor to run through the lines to still look for a leak.
1pm - Think we found where the leak was coming from
2pm - Jackhammer enters the living room (yeah scary I know)
2:30pm - Hole in the hallway (Inside the house through the slab)
3pm - still diggin out dirt from the hole to get to the pipes
4pm - still diggin out dirt from the hole and almost make it to the point where they need to be
4:15pm - Cover the hole with a piece of plywood and leaves to return Monday

What a disaster!

This is the dirt that came out of the hole they put in our slab!

Oh by the way Happy Valentine's Day to all!


Jenna said...

Oh no! What a weekend. I hope they can find the leak and fix that hole. Praying that the flu will pass you by so you can have a great time with your mom.

Flo said...

OH no....Not good! So sorry your Valentines was spent that way. Did they find the leak or are they just playing around with your slab??

Make sure you are lysoling your entire house & body!! Hope you don't get it. (PS. Hope we don't either!)

Keri said...

That is crazy. Hope you get to visit your Mom without getting sick.

JMass said...

Yikes! Hope this coming week is less eventful! Missed you this morning.