Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The House Saga Continues...

Gonna start this blog off with a ton of pictures

This is the hole in the boys bathroom

This is one of the guys jackhammering

This is the bathroom sink and counter...yes it is in my living room floor!

Where my bathroom cabinets were (and yes Keri this was new floor but thankfully they did not mess it up to bad and I have a few extra pieces of flooring)

Jim working on taking up the carpet tack strips

Me sweeping up all the sand that was under this carpet.

There were at least 30 dust pans full of sand from under the carpet!

So what do y'all think of our new look....im calling it "Industrial Misshap"

The plumbers are coming back tomorrow to put the bathroom counter back in and the sink, I think after seeing all that sand under the carpets we have decided to put something like this...

Anything at this point is better than carpet!!! I mean concrete...haha!


Keri said...

Concrete stain is popular and you can put new flooring in when you get tired of it. Just an idea.

But I like the wood too, nice color choice.

Flo said...

OHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY@! Are you going nuts? I would be going insane! I'm SO sorry this has happened.....what a pain! You look like you have such a good attitude about it though...and hey, new floors!