Monday, December 8, 2008

What A Busy Time Of Year....

This past week was crazy but yet so much fun. First we had my work Christmas Party. What a time. I think everyone had an absolute blast..even Jim.

Our tree we used was out of my office. I decorated it with pictures of all the employees in our office. It turned out pretty cute I thought.

These were plastic martini glasses that we filled with peppermints and a tealight they turned out really cute!

On Friday we had our Life Group Christmas party at the Woolverton's. It was a great party with a great turnout. Thanks to everyone that helped get that together!

Look at our music minister Eric...Don't ask....haha! You know I took my camera to this party and some how this is the only picture I took all night. Well I guess because it gave us all a great laugh! We love y'all Kim and Eric!

This past Saturday my work decided to get together a float for the Christmas parade. We work alot of the day on Friday getting supplies together. Then on Saturday morning we were at the paper at 8am to start our masterpiece.

This was the start of the morning...well that is after donuts and coffee!

So what did ya think...pretty good float to be put together all in one day!

Rhonda even brought her Great Dane Daisy...Daisy was so good she walked with us beside the float the whole time. We could of just used her as our float she got lots of attention!


RosyRose said...

cute home..cute family! Good job!
Have a merry Christmas Green's.

beechembrightspots said...

Wow! I didn't know you posted this picture! I just learned how to find your blogs! I'm excited! Maybe you can help me create a blog for our family now. :) Your pics are great! I love your Christmas decorations. I hope someday we can see your house in person! :) We miss you guys!