Sunday, September 7, 2008

This is why I would love to adopt a girl....

Boys, boys and more boys. That's what the Green household is. When the boys were younger it was fine because they were momma's boys but not so much anymore. I mean don't get me wrong they still love their mom but they tend to go do more things with their dad now.

This is how you know you are over run with masculinity.

When your family outing is a trip out to a clay pit to shoot guns.

Jim with his deer rifle

PayBo with his 410

Colby with his BB Gun

However the clay pit was filled with water and it was absolutely beautiful! And it was a great day with my 3 favorite guys in the world!

Oh and I would really love to adopt a girl, but until that day (cause I gotta convince Jim) I will just have to continue to spoil my nieces!


The Lorick Family said...

I am right there with you sister!! Maybe someday we will both get to adopt a little girl. Then we can go to Canton and spend our life savings on bows, dresses, and everything pink!:)

Keri said...

Trevor and I have talked about adoption also. I have this link you can check out:
It was started by Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife.