Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Mini Vacation....

Friday we headed to Dallas to spend the day at Hurricane Harbor

I rode some rides and the kids rode as many and Jim and his dad did. They had a blast. We rode this new ride they have there called the tornado. I though this doesn't look like a big deal so I guess I'll ride it. It was alot scarier than I though. Well I don't guess scary just a little more thrill than I was expecting. Its a four person tube that drops you down a steep hill and I mean steep well at least steep for me I grabbed my nose like I was fixing to go under water. Now know that you get splashed a little bit but you never go under water. After it drops you down the hill you go into a funnel and you go high onto the walls of the funnel, back and forth. After the first initial up the wall and losing your stomach it was not to bad after that. I enjoyed riding it but will I ride it again? Still thinking on that one!

This is not the one in Arlington but it looks exactly like this! Trust me its alot bigger than it looks in these pictures and its alot higher!

After that daring ride we let the kids play in kiddie land for a little bit.

After kiddie land we were off to the hotel to get all settled in, and change to go eat. Don't they look exhausted.

We went to Jim's favorite place to eat in Arlington and that is the Steak N' Shake. If you haven't tried it you really should. It really is a great place to eat and the cost is just like any normal fast food place. But this is 10 times better than fast food!

Once we left there we went back to the hotel for some swimming, yes I said swimming. Like they didn't get enough of the water all day long at Hurricane Harbor. We let them swim for about an hour then we headed back up to the room for some sleep...ZzzZzzzZzz! By the way I didn't sleep well at all. The beds were very nice, but the pillow was way to thick and firm for me. I like a thin pillow that my head will sink into, other wise I always wake up with a stiff neck. Also the dang hotel let some people stay out on the terrace playing their guitars and singing until well after midnight. By the way the terrace was right outside our room. That was probably the only complaint I had about the hotel. The next morning we woke up and headed out. Jim wanted to go to Dick's Sporting Goods, which is also attached to a mall there in Arlington and there was a carousel in it so Alex and Colby wanted to ride. PayBo thought he was to old for that stuff but they talked him into riding.

All in all we had a great time! And the kids said it was the best day of their lives and isn't that what we want to hear as parents.


Keri said...

That does look thrilling! Glad ya'll had a great time. (minus the guitars and singing)

Flo said...

Looks like fun! Glad ya'll got to go there w/the day, we need to go together!

Anonymous said...

aww...Arlington is where I grew up and I have spent many a summers out at Hurricane Harbor and days out at that mall! Glad yall had such a fun trip!

Allison G

The Lorick Family said...

I love Steak and Shake!! It looks like ya'll had fun...I can't believe summer is almost over :(

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